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Safest Countries in Africa | Safest African Countries by UNO Global Peace Index 2019

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Safest Countries in Africa

Africa is a tremendous place to visit. It has versatile landscapes. And we all know that Africa is home to wild animals. So traveling to Africa can be challenging. That’s why we have compiled a list of African countries according to their peacefulness. Keep in mind we are not sharing personal experiences. We are listing down this list by keeping in mind the GPI metrics.

What is Global Peace Index?

Global Peace Index is commonly known as GPI. It is the measurement of the peacefulness of a nation, region, territory, or country. It is annually produced by the Institute of Economics and Peace (IEP). GPI is calculated by almost 23 different key factors (Qualitative and Quantitative) from highly respected and authentic resources throughout the globe. GPI is a very authentic measurement to understand the peacefulness and safety of a country.

Total Countries in Africa

There is a total of 56 states/countries in the continent of Africa. Out of which 54 countries have recognized status and 2 of them have disputed status.

Main Physical Regions

According to National Geographic African continent is divided into eight major regions which are as follows:

  • The Sahara
  • The Sahel
  • The Ethiopian Highlands
  • The Savanna
  • The Swahili
  • The Rain Forests
  • The African Great Lakes
  • Southern Africa

Africa has her mysteries, and even a wise man cannot understand them. But a wise man respects them.

Miriam Makeba


African continent is surrounded by the Red Sea, Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, and Mediterranean Sea.

List of Safest Countries in Africa by UNO’s Global Peace Index 2019 Rankings 

GPI is the measurement of peace in a country, region, or nation. We have compiled a list of African countries according to GPI 2019. The Lower GPI is the safest in that region or country is.

1.     Mauritius252019
2.     Botswana302019
3.     Malawi382019
4.     Ghana442019
5.     Zambia492019
6.     Sierra Leone522019
7.     Tanzania542019
8.     Madagascar552019
9.     Senegal582019
10.   Liberia592019
11.   Namibia602019
12.   Gambia622019
13.   Equatorial Guinea702019
14.   Benin722019
15.   Angola772019
16.   Rwanda792019
17.   Tunisia822019
18.   Morocco902019
19.   Mozambique942019
20.   Gabon962019
21.   Guinea1002019
22.   Lesotho1032019
23.   Burkina Faso1042019
24.   Uganda1052019
25.   Cote d’Ivoire1072019
26.   Togo1082019
27.   Djibouti1092019
28.   Algeria1112019
29.   Guinea Bissau1122019
30.   Kenya1192019
31.   Congo-Brazzaville1212019
32.   Mauritania1222019
33.   Niger1262019
34.   South Africa1272019
35.   Ethiopia1312019
36.   Zimbabwe1322019
37.   Eritrea1332019
38.   Burundi1352019
39.   Egypt1362019
40.   Chad1372019
41.   Cameroon1382019
42.   Mali1452019
43.   Nigeria1482019
44.   Sudan1492019
45.   Libya1562019
46.   Central African Republic1572019
47.   South Sudan1622019
48.   Somalia1632019
49.   Cape Verde—-2019
50.   Comoros—-2019
51.   Congo-Kinshasa—-2019
52.   Seychelles—-2019
53.   Swaziland—-2019
54.   São Tomé and Príncipe—-2019
55.   Western Sahara—-2019


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