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All There Is To Know About Mabali Island

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Mabali Island Intro:

Mabali Island is a resort plus adventure club, perfectly located, 5 kilometers from the Khanpur dam viewpoint (Old Khanpur road), district Haripur of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. It is 2.6 kilometers away from N-125. Mabali Resort is a family-run resort. In 2017 Mabali Island was founded by Mr. Brig (R) Ghulam Haider & his lady Mrs. Nighat Haider (CEO), whereas Mr. Safdar Hussain & Mr. Umar were the co-partners of this luxurious resort. Initially, it just had two Huts, countable camps, and very few water sports activities. But with the passage of no time, it became the busiest and most adorable entertainment spot. The location of this Island is also known as the heart of Khanpur Lake, a truly peaceful and restful place. Mabali attracts people of almost every age and every community. Recently it has already been considered the best tourist spot in Pakistan. Mabali provides you with fantastic entertainment like Water sports, Adventure clubs, Family Resorts, Camping, etc. If we talk about the weather, it is not so different from Islamabad & Rawalpindi. Highly professional teams are hired to manage this huge setup. People from all over Pakistan & across Pakistan visit this place in huge numbers, especially in summer. We have seen several corporate and educational trips being held in Mabali Resort that added up advertising platforms for the business. Customer Service is the main key to the success of this setup as surveyed in recent times. Positive responses from the guests tell the admirable story of this Resort. At reasonable and affordable rates one can touch every possible adventure and water sports activity. The news has already been broken regarding more upcoming and skilled full adventures that are going to be added soon for maximum provision of sports entertainment to its guests. Let us discuss all the activities and entertainment available on this Island.

Weather in Mabali Island:

During the course of summer, at this Island, Khanpur dam, the weather is stifled and humid. But winters are short, chilly, and frosty. Most of the time weather conditions in Mabali Island depend on the dam’s score. The ideal time to visit this Island is rainless weather i.e. mid-March to the end of April and late September to mid of October. Most of the year is clear and mild. But temperature hovers around 15 to 19 degrees during rainy days. An average of 7.44 mm of rain is recorded once a month.

Wherever you go, go with all your heart.

Mabali Island during Winters:

Mabali Island, Khanpur Dam, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has turned into the greatest picnic spot for the season of summer and winter. You can visit this awesome place in any weather. Mabali Island’s temperature is considered the same as the temperature of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. In winter, the weather in this place is frosty and cold. From January to April the temperature of this place is cold. From month of May onwards, the temperature started rising and gradually it becomes hot in the month of August.

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Distance of Mabali Island from Islamabad/ Rawalpindi:

Mabali Island is 50.5 Km (1 Hour 16 Min drive) via Grand Trunk road from Islamabad. If you proceed with motorways it will take 97.2 Km (1 Hour 28 min) to reach this place. The distance from Mabali Island to Rawalpindi via Grand Trunk Road is 63.2 kilometers which will take 1 hour and 48 minutes drive. Proceeding from the motorway, it will take almost 2 hours to reach the destination. The distance to Mabali from Rawalpindi via motorway is 107.9 kilometers. The distance to Mabali from Lahore is 396.9 kilometers which will take approximately 5 hours and 18 minutes via Lahore to Islamabad motorway M2.

Islamabad to Mabali Island50.5 kilometers (via GT Road) 1 Hour 16 minutes
97.2 kilometers (via Motorway)1 Hour 28 minutes
Rawalpindi to Mabali Island63.2 kilometers (via GT Road)1 hour 48 minutes
107.9 kilometers (via Motorway)1 hour 54 minutes
Lahore to Mabali Island369.9 kilometers (via motorway)5 hours 18 minutes

The things to do in Mabali Island:

Mabali Island, a resort located in Khanpur dam, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is considered the best adventure club aimed to provide healthy and entertaining activities for families. There are several interesting and entertaining sports activities you can do during your visit to Mabali Island, Khanpur dam. Mabali Island provides thrilling water and land adventures for tourists.

  1. Jet Ski: a personal watercraft scooter where a rider sits or stands in the boat. Among all water sports, jet skiing is considered the best among all. Jet Ski helps with the improvement of blood circulation and stabilizes muscles of the body. At Mabali Island Jet Ski costs 500 PKR per head.
  2. Tarzan Jump: Tarzan jump or Tarzan boat is an attraction of Mabali Island. Mabali Tarzan Boat is a floating water park with three slides, a trampoline, a high jump, and a rope swing.
  3. Wake tubing: an exciting sport where you lay on a tube that floats in water with the help of a jet ski. Jet Ski is driven by a professional and safety projections are provided by the administration.
  4. Family boating: Family boating is introduced to enhance the bonding among friends and families. It is the perfect sport to enhance interaction among family members.
  5. Kayaking: a water sport in which small, thin watercraft is moved with the help of a double-bladed paddle. Mabali island administration provides complete training for kayaking with the help of kayaking professionals. It is a sport that helps a person improve cardiac health. It helps to boost upper body strength and focus.
  6. Swimming: swimming is allowed within the Mabali Islands territory. Life jackets and safety instructions are provided at Mabali Island. Swimming is the best way to reduce extra calories from the body.
  7. Fishing: Mabali Island also provides opportunities to catch fish from the lake of Khanpur Dam at cost-effective charges.

Mabali Island also provides land adventures for tourists to explore:

  1. Hiking: a weight-bearing exercise, in which body muscles tend to work against gravity. Mabali Island has extraordinary places of natural beauty for hiking. Mabali Island is a place where you can easily explore the natural beauty of Khanpur dam. With the help of hiking, you will be able to dense your body muscles.
  2. Trekking: trekking is considered a full-body workout that let you strengthen your body and muscles. Mabali Island provides a chance to spend a couple of hours on a mountain trail, climb and improve your physical strength.
  3. Zipline: Mabali Island is a sports adventure club that provides you the opportunity to release stress and get out of your comfort zone with the help of this sport. It improves your eyesight, and cardiac muscles and enhances upper body strength.
  4. Tug of war: tug of war is a sport that enhances team-building exercises. It will let you boost teamwork with the help of strength. Mabali Island gives opportunities to build a sense of teamwork among family and friends. It is an amazing sport to build team interaction.
  5. Camping: Mabali Island, Khanpur Dam is providing a chance to enjoy nature along the side of the blue lake with luxury. Camps are provided by the Mabali team to enjoy natural beauty with comfort. They will also provide live BBQ, Bonfire, and lakeside dining.

Camping PackageCharges
Night stay at lakeside and breakfastRs. 2500 Per head
Activities: Volleyball, Night Bonfire, Hiking
Night stay, dinner, breakfastRs. 3850 per head
Activities: Volleyball, Night Bonfire, Hiking
Night stay in camp, Dinner, BreakfastRs. 4500 per head
Activities: Volleyball, Night Bonfire Hiking, fun activities.

Archery and shooting, Night Bonfire, and Beach Volleyball are also fun activities provided by Mabali Island. Besides these adventurous and entertaining activities, this awesome place also provides wedding and engagement event management. Mabali Island also lets you celebrate your special day with your special ones.

Mabali Island Packages and Price:

Mabali Island is a resort that let you explore the adventurous and entertaining world with the scenic beauty of Khanpur Dam, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Following are the special packages provided by the Mabali Island Team.

Bronze (Rs. 2700 per person)Silver (Rs. 3200 per person)Gold (Rs. 4500 per person)All in One (Rs. 5500 per person)
• Tarzan Boat• Kayaking at the lakeside• Jet Ski• Parasailing
• Zipline• Tarzan Boat• Tarzan Boat• Jet Ski
• Beach Volleyball• Zipline• Zipline• Kayaking
• Lunch at the lakeside• Lunch at the lakeside• Beach Volleyball
• Air Gun Shooting
• Lunch at the lakeside

Contact Details Mabali Island:

Mabali Island, Old Khanpur East Road, Khanpur, Haripur, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 44000, Pakistan.

For further queries and details call: 03035958999

Email: info@mabaliisland.com

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