How to install WordPress site on Bluehost hosting

How to Install WordPress On BlueHost Hosting

How to Install WordPress On Bluehost Hosting


There are basically 3 main and major steps

Don’t worry I’ll take you through each and every single step. So let’s break down the first step into sub steps.

Sign up with Bluehost

  • First of all what you need to do is to choose the hosting plan that best suits you as per your requirements.
  • Bluehost offer (Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting).
  • If you are not sure or don’t know what plan you need to choose then you are recommended to go with the cheapest shared hosting plan.
  • Enter account details for your Bluehost account.
  • Confirm and review your hosting plan
  • Payment details

Do remember that companies like Bluehost offer money back guarantee.

So let suppose you have purchased a plan as per your understanding and after that you realized that you mistook the plan and services.

You are still safe and may ask to avail the 30-days money back policy.

Note: Having decided and chosen the hosting plan for your blog or web, the next step would be to install WordPress on your purchased hosting plan.

Install WordPress on Bluehost

    • Login to your Bluehost account
      • Go to My site option
      • Choose the Create site Option
    • Your website details
    • A new dialog box will appear and you need to enter a few details about your new web like name, tagline etc.
    • Remember you can always go back to alter any of these.
    • Click next and a new popup screen will appear where you will have to select domain name from drop down. Domain you created while creating Bluehost account will be available in the dropdown list.
    • As soon as you click next, Bluehost will start installing WordPress and will show you the log in details of your newly created web.
    • On success a similar to above picture will be displayed. And now you can login to your WordPress web using login to WordPress option in above picture.

Set up your WordPress website

  • As per our topic “How to install WordPress on Bluehost” our content is almost completed.
  • This last step is about the customizing your new WordPress site once the installation of WordPress is complete.
  • There are two ways to complete this step.
    • Through default WordPress dashboard
    • Through Bluehost’s tool
  • Please choose the option that suits you best.


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