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Introduction Call Courier Tracking:

If we talk about Courier Services, we need to make sure that Courier Service has an old history way back in 490 BCE. People use to travel by miles while delivering parcels and news. Different animals for e-g Horses, Camels, and Dogs, etc. were the main sources of providing courier service.  As far as companies are concerned, first established in 1907 by Jim Cassey In 1913-1918 the owner started this service with a single car. Yet now this industry has a size of $440.5bn in 2022. Now there are hundreds of registered companies operating all over the world. In Pakistan, there are numerous courier service providers operating in Pakistan, nationally and internationally, depending on the size of the business. In the recent era, a company named ‘Call Courier’ was established in Pakistan, a project of Excel group started its operations in 1981, by ‘Mr. Adil Mansoor’. Initially, Call Courier started with 18 offices in Pakistan, back in 2003 but, in no time, ‘Call Courier is having valuable feedback from users and expanding its volume across the country on daily basis. Behind the success story of the ‘Call Courier’, they claim that every Staff & management of the ‘Call Courier’ has played a very positive and dedicated role in the success of the country. ‘Call Courier’ provides service all over Pakistan, even in remote areas, at very affordable rates. People of every capability can use this service because of its commitments & fewer charges as compared to other companies. This Courier Company has made communications so easy by using next-generation technology to facilitate the user as much as possible. As discussed already, customers have built a positive relationship with the company that allows perfect ground for the company‘s success.

Why use ‘Call Courier’:    

There is always a need to figure out the most convenient and reasonable way to attract customers to the company. Most of the time companies try to facilitate the users as much as they can while competing with other companies of the same nature. This Courier Company takes several positive waves that drag the customer towards itself, for example, dedication, management, customer services, etc.

What about the cost of the services?

‘Call Courier is providing services at very affordable rates as people of lower class communities can also use the ‘standard services by using this courier company to provide the maximum available facilities to its end users at very low rates as compared to other available companies in Pakistan. The best part is that, while providing complete services in Pakistan, ‘Call Courier’ has found itself on the list of the companies that are providing economical services with the best available features.

After Sale Services:

‘Call Courier’ has introduced a ‘State of the Art’, Contact Center where users can communicate with the agents available, regarding their tracking, TAT, queries, and even complaints. The growing company must have a strong hold on customer services, therefore the quality of after-sales services are being provided by this courier company in chance sales of the company as well as the customer’s needs. Different channels are available with them to get the courier track and to acquire any kind of information. You can simply visit this link https://callcourier.com.pk/tracking/ for nationwide and https://callcourier.com.pk/international-tracking/ to internationally track your shipment online. You can get an app provided by them to its mobile users (both Android & iOS users). E.Com-Solutions concept is also adopted by them while different branded businesses are working with ‘Call Courier’.

Safety of Parcels & Shipments at Call Courier:

Positive feedback & suggestions are always essential for the company’s reputation. For that they pays special attention to the safety of the customer’s parcel or shipment. A quality team of this courier company ensure that parcel should stay safe in all aspects and are delivered at the destination as got packed from sending point. This is why ‘Call Courier’ has already grabbed the market because of its insurance policies.

Turn-around time of shipments:

‘Call Courier’ ensures the commitment regarding the delivery time of the courier. ‘Call Courier’ make sure that the package is delivered in the provided Turn-around time (TAT) to the customer. Therefore a customer has the right to make a complaint in case TAT gets exceeded. Here complaint ratio of this courier company is quite low as compared to other service providers because normally delivery time of this courier company is 24-48 hours.

Transportation System:

For the safety of shipments, it is essential to have a strong transportation system. ‘Call Courier’ has a very managed and profiled transportation system. Vehicles used for the transportation of goods within or across the country, get a detailed checkup that involves screening of different checklists used for maintenance of the vehicle. A vehicle fitness certificate is issued by the inspection team. Transport that is used for the transportation of the goods is serviced daily basis (thoroughly) and security hazards are also checked up at regular intervals of time for example air pressure, fuel, electrical systems, mechanical operations, breaks, etc.

Call Courier Pick-Up Facility:

Most of the time it is hard for a customer to travel for delivery shipment, sometimes the parcel is heavy enough to carry easily, one of the best features of them is the pickup facility. A consumer can contact them by any means to request to pick up the package or the parcel. They will handle the customer accordingly and pick up the package from the customer and gets it delivered as per the normal procedure.

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Call Courier Cash on Delivery Service:

Nowadays online shopping is trending and there are millions of daily transactions in terms of payments, where Cash on Delivery is involved. This courier company provides very safe and secure services to its users. Here they also provides different packages to different online stores to regulate their business as per their requirement.

Provision of Packing Material:

‘Call Courier’ provides an additional service that allows the user to get their parcels packed by the company at very affordable rates. Delicate items are kept in secure packing e.g. foil, plastic, shrink film, paperboard, boxes, bio-plastics, metal, cardboard, and clamshells to avoid any loss or tear. ‘Call Courier’ makes sure which packing material is appropriate for which supplies.

Notification & Alerts:

Referring to after-sales services being provided by ‘Call Courier’, a valuable and important service that makes the customer more comfortable & secure, is SMS Alerts. An SMS alert will be sent to the customer when he gets his order booked. And they will notify the customer about the current status of the package. Further, when the customer gets his order delivered, he will be notified again for the last time. This service doesn’t have any charges with it, and ‘Call Courier’ provides this service to its valuable customers free of cost.

Acts as a business partner:

As discussed earlier regarding the packages being provided to the online stores. ‘Call Courier’ also provides a service E-Commerce Site that allows people to trade using web portals & websites. This facility provides additional services to individuals & companies as well. Here they have multiple business partners that work with them, in terms of deliveries, cash handling, and provided portal.

Call Courier Online Web-Chat Service:

Unlike other courier service providers ‘Call Courier’ is the only one in the market to provide online web-chat support services. Customers can contact via the web-chat portal and have a live conversation with an available agent over the chat as same as we use to have within our social circle. ‘Call Courier’ make every way possible for the facilitation of the customer and this service is yet another but not the last step to achieving the goals.

Management of Communication:

Where there are hundreds or thousands of employees handling millions of transactions, located on different stations n all over the world, it is required to have perfect communication among the staff, managers and shipment staff, etc. They have a perfect communication system to handle all kinds of situations. Different software is used in the communication of employees within the organization. Furthermore, mobile apps are also used by the employees to manage the data, provided by ‘Call Courier’.

Call Courier Corporate Services:

‘Call Courier’ has taken the initiative of providing corporate services to its business partners having a large volume of business status, Different contracts are being made between them and corporate customers/companies. This activity is done where there are no. of shipments being made on daily basis by the same company that has different branches in different cities. The special agreement is signed with companies with their suitable transaction. As ‘Call Courier’ always designs a road map that helps the consumers, whether it is about the individual customer or corporate business partners.

Universal Access Number:

Like other channels of communication between the company and the customer, a Universal Access Number is used by the customers, provided by them, that can help the customer to enquire about sort of information regarding shipments or the product services that ‘Call Courier’ provides.

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