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All About Manora Beach

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Manora Beach Intro:

Manora Beach is also called Manor in Sindhi. It is a small former island with an area of 2.5 square kilometers approximately. Manora Beach is located at the southern port of Karachi, Sindh Pakistan. Manora forms a protective barrier between Karachi port at the north and the Arabian Sea to the south. this beach is a part of the islands which is associated with the Pakistani coastline along the Arabian Sea. Manora Island is now considered a peninsula because of the construction of a man-made bridge that connects the beach to the mainland. The peninsula is connected to the mainland with a long channel of 12 kilometers called sand spit. It is a point of the sandy area which is projected into the sea, the tide movements are the cause of the displacement of sand that results in sand spit.  Furthermore, this beautiful beach of Manora is situated near Pakistan Naval Academy. It is located near PNS Qasim. The Beach of Manora is also called Marine Beach or Marine Drive beach. It is considered the most beautiful sandy beach located in Pakistan. This beautiful beach is an accommodation in Karachi with a total driving distance of 25 to 30 kilometers.

Additionally, this Beach is not a single beach, it is a combination of four beaches that connects to make Manora beach. The first beach is known as the western beach. The second one is termed central beach. The third and Fourth beaches are the eastern beach and southern beach. The first beach i.e. western beach is overcrowded in the summer. Several locals visit the beach in summer. Over and above that, Manora beach is a famous picnic spot because of the extended sandy beaches. Manora Island is the largest island in Pakistan.

At the beach, life is different. Time doesn’t move from hour to hour but from mood to moment. We live by the currents, plan by the tides, and follow the sun.
Sandy Gingras

History of Manora Beach:

Moreover, Beach of Manora has a wide history, it was mentioned by Ottoman Admiral, Syed Ali Reis. In his book Mirat ul Memalik in 1554, he mentioned Manora Beach on his way back from India to Constantinople. Manora Fort was built to protect the port, dealing with trade from Oman and Bahrain by the Talpur Dynasty in 1797. The fort was used to beat off Qasimi Pirates, who sometimes raided Karachi Harbor. In 1839, Manora Island was captured and surrendered by the Britishers. As the fort was guarded by 4 or 5 unarmed men. After the fort was seized and captured by the British army, it was used as the residence of the master attendant of the Karachi port. St. Paul’s church was built.  Later on, the old fort was completely removed by the Britishers.  The Manora Lighthouse was rebuilt in 1889 by a Canadian engineer Alain-Chartier-de-Lotbiniere to serve repository vessels approaching Karachi Harbor. After Pakistan’s Independence, Manora Beach was selected as the main base of the Pakistan Navy.

Manora Beach Contact & Timing:

Manora the beautiful Beach of Karachi is considered a good entertainment spot for tourists. Manora sandy beach is a popular site for the people of Karachi. 38 meters (125 ft. approximately) tall Manora lighthouse is a point of attraction for tourists. It is the fourth tallest lighthouse in the country and is still operational as a navigational assistant for the ships which enter the port of Karachi. Manora beach timing for visitors fluctuates according to the sea weather conditions. The cantonment authorities set the time for tourists to visit the beach from 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.  This Beach Karachi is currently handled by the Manora cantonment board, office.

AddressManora Cantonment Board office, 40 Qasim Road, Karachi

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Manora Park at Manora Beach:

The government of Sindh has inaugurated Manora Park for the residents of Karachi. It is an attractive accommodation for families. KDA has spent millions of rupees on the construction of the park. Children’s play area, parking area, Mini Park, and 29 gazebos add charm to the beauty of Manora beach. The municipality designed the place to be secure, safe, and entertaining for the residents of Karachi. Manora Park is a suitable seaside Park and playland for tourists. Tourists can visit Manora Beach Park from 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

New Manora Beach, Huts and Renovations:

As discussed above, Manora beach’s old infrastructure is redesigned by the government of Sindh. They upgraded the infrastructure and installed modern features to enhance the outlook of the beach. New Manora Beach is equipped with play areas, walking tracks, gazebos, golf courts, driveways, hotel accommodations, huts, etc. Luxury huts are also added to the beach for tourists to enjoy their time with their families. These rental luxury huts’ charges start from 19000 up to 40,000. The rooms in these luxury huts are air-conditioned and comfortable. Tourists can also have excess huts for corporate and private events.

Adding more, the New Beach of Manora’s  ticket price for the year 2022 is Rs. 50 per head. You will be charged Rs. 50 per head while visiting Manora Park and Rs. 20 for each child. All charges are then collected for the renovation and maintenance of the park.

Manora Beach by Road:

As mentioned above, this Beach area is a peninsula, a former island that is connected with a small strip of the mainland. This small strip of the mainland is now a well-rooted road from sand spit to Manora Beach. In past, people visit the coastlines with the help of boats. Few of them know about the small sand strip area which is connected with the mainland. They were unable to use roads but now tourists can visit Manora Beach by accessing the road. Those small strips of land are now fully paved roads. They can travel by car over paved roads. It can also be accessed with the help of a bus, taxi, or any other public transport. Karachites have now access to vast coastlines of the sea via road.

Kemari Beach and Manora Beach:

The distance between Manora Beach and Kemari beach is 2km. People are visiting this beach from Kemari port over the past years. They were using boats and ferries to visit Manora Island. Kemari port is the most busiest and famous fishing port. Kemari harbor was considered the entrance to this beach as it runs longer trips to the beach by using Kemari port. Before paved roads were established, tourists and residents of Karachi took long rides on boats to enjoy the sea breeze at the beach. They use boats to reach Manora Island. Keeping in consideration, capturing photographs and videography is prohibited in the harbor area. You can capture your fun moments at Manora Island but photography is not allowed at the Kemari port.

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