African Swahili most popular black Girl names with meanings and pronunciation

Swahili most popular black girl names

If you are blessed with a new baby girl at home and looking to come up with some most beautiful and popular African black Swahili girl names for your new little ones then you are absolutely at the perfectly right place.

We have compiled a list of baby girl names that are popular among the black African Swahili speaking people. The below-mentioned list consists of name, meaning, origin, and pronunciation. If you don’t find suitable names for black baby girls then keep on visiting our site after some time. Our list will keep on updating with the most popular and trending names for Swahili black baby girls.



Name Meaning Origin How To Pronounce
Nia Purpose/Aim African NI-Yah
Cadence Queen mother/Pure African KAENDahNS
Hanna congratulations to your health/forbidden African HHAENah
Nala Dearly loved African Nah-la
Zahra Flower African ZAH-ra
Zendaya to be appreciative African zan-day-ah
Ayanna beautiful flower African ay-AHN-ah
Ayana beautiful flower African i-YON-a
Nahla dearly loved African Nah-la
Ashanti win/power.success African uh-SHAN-tee
Makena Happy girl African mah-KAY-nah
Dalia Gentle African DAA-liy-AH
Za’Niyah Gracious host/Giving/Lovely African ZaNEEuh
Ayah Shiny/Bright/Sparkling African AH-YAH
Nyah Meaningful/Aim African NAY-ah
Candice Queen mother/Pure African KAENDahS
Niyah Aim/Purpose African NAYah
Ny’asia Hopeful/wise/caring African nyAYshah
Kaliah Friends African ka-lee-ah
Iyana beautiful flower African i-YON-a
Niah beauty/champion/aim/purpose African NIYah
Ka’Mya Virile/Strong ( now it is considered as a baby girl name now but literally it means a baby boy born after twins ) African KahMYah
Nya Aim/Purpose African NAY-aa
Jahzara sacred princes African Ja-zah-ra
Laiken cherished/wanted African LAYkin
Tahiry Close to family/Grateful/Nostalgic African TahHEEree
Kiya difficult/daylight/pure/torture African KIYer
Tanisha Born on Monday African TAENih-Shah
Keisha favorite one African K-AY-SHah
Zaniya lovely/charming African/American ZuhNYah
Adanna Father’s baby/Father’s Daughter African ae-d-aw-n-aw
Ka’Liyah Friends African ka-LEE-ah
Lakeisha favorite one African LAK-ee-sha
Nisha remembered one/loved one African NEE-sha
Zehra Flower African ZAR-ra
Kamile Spirit African CAM-eel
Eshal Life African ee-SHAL
Nalah Queen/Beloved woman African NA-la
Shade Princes African SHAY-d
Nokutenda by faith African NKUTehNDah
Evte yew/a hunt dog/juniper tree African EHVahT
Amrit Strength African AM-rit
Tinaye gift/blessing African TEENAY


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