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iPhone Secret Codes And Hacks To Unlock Secret Features

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iPhone Secret Codes And Hacks:

One of the pioneer mobile manufacturers in the world is Apple Inc. that is manufacturing supreme quality mobiles. According to the survey held in 2017, there are over 728 million iPhone devices being used all around the world. China with the world’s largest population is the leading iPhone usage with 228 million active iPhone users. The USA is second to china with 120 million active iPhone devices.  iPhone secret codes and hacks are very useful in doing things smartly and efficiently.

Of course, if you are a new user of the iPhone brand then anyone can get confused. Finding something in a completely new operating system can be time taking and confusing. So to help you out iPhone secret codes and hacks can be handy and enjoyable.


S/NiPhone Secret codesDescription
1*#31#Hide Your Number
2*#06#Check your IMEI Code of iPhone
3*3282#Find General Information about iPhone
4*777#Code for checking account balance
5*225#Hidden Code for checking the bill balance
6*646#Postpaid Available time code for iPhone
7#43#Deactivate/Disable the Call Waiting option
8*43#Activate/enable The Call Waiting option
9*43#Call Waiting status
10*331*Find out Barring code of iPhone
11*#5005*7672#Find out the SMS Center of iPhone
12*#61#Find out the total number of missed calls
13*#21#Change call forwarding settings on iPhone
14*#67#Open Call Forwarding Settings


A Few Questions people commonly ask

1) What does *#21* do to your iPhone?

*#21* is a secret code for iPhone users that let the users know whether your call forwarding is
enabled/active or disabled/deactivated. In other words, we can say that this is an interrogation code used to check your call-forwarding status from your iPhone app.

2) How do I find the hidden menu on my iPhone?

*3001#12345#* is a secret code for iPhone users to find the secret menu or hidden menu.
Simply dial this secret code *3001#12345#* and then hit the call or green button. Doing this will
display a new secret menu screen. let your phone complete the processing. After that, it will show you the details about your mobile’s quality, IP, and cell connections.


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3) What is *#31* for iPhone?

*#31* is another very useful secret code that lets you see/view whether you are making your calls anonymously and the caller ID is disabled. You can also make a single call by simply dialing directly this secret code before your number to remain anonymous for that single call. For example, your number is 1234359484, what you can do is dial this secret code before your number like *#31#1234359484*.


4) What does ##002* do on iPhone?

Using this secret code ##002# you will see whether your SMS call/voice call or data call has been forwarded or not, if any of the above-mentioned services is forwarded dialing this secret code will erase and remove them.

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