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Benelux Countries Intro:

Benelux is a politically strong, economically-developed region in Europe. It is often referred to as “the three countries” because of its unique cultural, linguistic, and political traits. In addition, Benelux has a continental share of over 60% of the European population. The Benelux Countries offer a wide range of horizons for visitors, ranging from the beautiful countryside of French speakers, to the lively, liberal, and tolerant Dutch influence.

Here is the Benelux Countries list:

  1. Netherlands
  2. Belgium
  3. Luxembourg

The Benelux is one of the most culturally diverse regions in Europe. The Benelux has the strong national identity, with different ethnic origins and language (languages) groups forming a wide cultural spectrum. The Benelux’s integration into the European Union (EU), and consequent entry into the European free trade area, has increased the integration of Benelux into the EU’s economic and social context. The Benelux countries are very proud of their culture and heritage and have therefore developed many consciences to preserve them and prevent the erosion of their identities.

Benelux Countries Influence:

Benelux has a major influence on Europe’s political, economic, and social development. The countries have an important role in shaping the policies and decisions of Europe. Benelux policies have a profound effect on global trade, the level of European integration, and the attitude of the rest of the world towards the Benelux countries. Benelux policies are therefore influential not only on the Benelux but on the whole European Union (EU).

Benelux Countries Economic Growth:

According to the Eurostat, there is an average annual Gross Domestic Product growth of 3.3%, which is higher than the average of all the countries of the European Union. The Benelux countries have also achieved high economic growth and maintain a low inflation level. The main goods markets of the Benelux are Herzen, Cote D’Azur, Grandvalira-Pescuita, Loire-Poulaine, Wallonia-opotassium, Ambodie-Bourgogne, Meursault, Southwest France, and Languedoc-Roussillon.

Benelux Countries Cuisine:

Benelux cuisine is characterized by its taste for quality ingredients, creative techniques and recipes. The French people are very proud of their language, culture and heritage and also want to preserve them.

Benelux Countries National Interest:

The government has been successful in creating a list of national interests that are important for the Benelux. This list has then been used by the government in its policy making process as it considers these national interests important for the Benelux. Another important policy of the Benelux is its culture, which is greatly influenced by its history and by its culture of families. Therefore Benelux countries have very open and diverse social systems with a strong attachment to their local communities.

Benelux Countries Languages:

The major languages spoken in Benelux countries include French, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Romansh, Swedish and Latin American Spanish. The official language is Dutch, but other languages also in wide usage are German, Latin American Spanish, English, Danish and Norwegian. The Benelux countries also speak Italian, which is also spoken in Switzerland and Italy. Benelux cuisine is characterized by the use of olive oil, butter, fish, lamb and cereal in the meals.
There is a great contribution made by the Benelux in the field of food technology and research. For this they have been utilizing modern ways and methods of preserving food items so that they can be consumed for a longer period of time. They have also been successful in creating new food concepts and recipes that are unique and different. The most prominent of all these food concepts and recipes are the French culinary techniques such as French fries, bistro and baphomet.

Benelux Countries Culture:

Benelux countries have also adopted the European culture and enjoy the cultural practices to the fullest extent. Their multi-cultural population and their great culinary skills have influenced the people of neighboring countries also in the developing countries. You will get a taste of the Benelux foods during your vacations in this part of Europe. Some of the best places to visit in this part of the world are Berlin, Amsterdam, Prague, London, Paris, Bratislava, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, Spain, Italy and Swiss Alps. Benelux cuisine is also popular in countries like Turkey, Albania, Iceland, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan.

Benelux Countries Map:

Benelux Countries Map


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